Designing a Website or refurbishing a Website takes lots of skills and ingenuity. Our Web and Graphic Designers at WQC Design Studio are such professionals who are dedicated to ensuring you have the kind of site that reflects your business.    


For existing sites, we analyze the content and graphics to see what it is that is deterring your business to be recognized in Google search engine or what is not “POPPING OUT”  to your visitors on the site. We will work closely with you to ensure your mental and heartfelt concepts are translated to your website so your vision is realized. Technologies of today are utilized so you receive maximum visibility and allow the ultimate promotion whenever customers and prospective customers visit your Website.    


  Designing of Corporate Websites, Small Medium or large entities are not a challenge, as we are fully equipped to give you the best technology available. We will firstly get to know you our Client as to what kind of Website you want; then we start with PSD or Photoshop Documents for your approval. From this Mockup, we are able to optimize what your vision for the site is; which will eventually be translated to an HTML5/CSS3 working website.  
    Highlighting the website will also be done through the utilization of Flash Banners and Galleries to give your site FULL PRESENCE on the web. Your customers will find the site fully functional and very interactive so they are able to comfortably view the goods and services offered.  
      If you have an interest in our website design, development, or maintenance services, please fill out the Quote Request form, and we will get back to you promptly.