Hello Friends!!

  Written by: Publisher
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 at 7:05 pm
My colleges and I in the Caribbean have always wondered what makes us as a developing nation so different from a developed nation like the USA. The ONLY answer we have been able to agree on is TECHNOLOGY. Caribbean Churche We have doctors, lawyers, teachers and engineers similarly to a developed nation, but still is unable to grow and be as competitive as the rest of the world.
The time is now when we have to think and act seriously about our mark on the global stage and use Technology as the engine in this vehicle called “the global market”.
Our churches specifically are at a deficit as for the most part, “TECHNOLOGY” is seen as “THE DEVILS WORK” and so shun away from its use. In the meantime, secularism is taking over and influencing or young people through Facebook, twitter, hangout and other social media platform.
It is time my friend to release the fear and realise that it is a GOD “YES I SAID IT” GOD given tool to be used to glorify himself and to establish HIS Kingdom in the earth. Think of how far the message of hope, peace, love and forgiveness can be spread, if only we were using the internet (ie: Website), as well as various social media platforms to reach thousands instead of a few hundred.
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